Friends Request Review

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An amazing debut novel that you should not miss. Great writing and you will instantly be drawn in. I couldn’t put it down – it is a very fast-paced thriller with twists and turns. It is an amazing thriller Friend Request could-happen for you. I myself read it in one go . . . it was supremely grippy and as an excellent twist! Laura Marshall ramps up the tension page by page until it’s impossible to know who to trust. It’s a book that should make everybody realize how vulnerable social media can make them. I loved it!



Author Laura Marshall

About the Author: Laura Marshall


Laura Marshall grew up in Wiltshire she studied English at the University of Sussex. After almost twenty years working in conference production. Laura decided that it was time she fulfilled her lifetime’s ambition to write a book, she enrolled in the Curtis Brown Creative book writing a novel course for three month’s. Laura’s first novel, Friend’s Request became a number one bestseller and was then shortlisted for the Bath Novel Award and also the Lucy Cavendish Fiction Prize 2016. Three Little Lies was Laura’s second novel. Laura lives in Kent with her husband and two children.





From the Inside Flap:


This is a must read-in-one-sitting thriller Twisty and thrilling but always relatable, Friend Request is a could-happen-to-you read’
Louise Williams gets a message on her facebook, it came from someone she had left long in her past, her heart missed a beat. Maria Weston wanted to be friends. The thing was that Maria Weston had been missing for twenty-five years. The last time she was seen was on the night of a school leavers’ party, but now the world believes her to be dead. Particularly Louise, who had lived her adult life with this terrible secret.
Louise is forced to find out the truth about what really happened, the only thing she does know is that Maria Weston disappeared on that night, and was never to be seen again, until now . . .


From the Back Cover


Maria Weston wants to be friends with me. Maybe this was the problem all along; Maria Weston wanted to be friends with me, but she had let her down.
She had been on her mind for all her adult life, although she has been good at keeping her out, she was just a shadow at the corner of my eye, almost but not quite out of sight. Heart-stopping, addictive and unforgettable, Friend Request is the psychological thriller everyone is talking about.
But Maria Weston has been dead for more than twenty-five years.



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A pulse-pounding psychological thriller for people who are fans of The Couple Next Door, The Girlfriend and The Escape.
Astonishingly good Says the Sun’
‘I read it in one go, Marian Keyes,
‘Brilliantly tense’ Heat

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  1. I like where you put your affiliate link.
    Where I think there could be improvement in this is simple. I think there’s simply just not enough content here. Tell the readers a little bit more about the book.

    I would also make the authors picture a bit bigger. If you have too much extra space try to fill some.

  2. Thanks for the info on this book. Who would you recommend this book for? Are there any similar authors that people might have read and may then enjoy this one?

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