14 Ways to Increase Click through Rate

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1) Use clear language.


Remember, followers, are likely scrolling through their feeds and scanning tweets very quickly. To catch their attention, be as clear as possible by choosing simple, easily scannable language.


2) Use the article title or headline.


Good copywriters know how important steps to writing an article. Headlines are what makes people click. So why wouldn’t you use the copy from a great headline when tweeting out the article?
Twitter is a sales and advertising platform, the headlines really do matter — and they’re a great way to borrow a copy for your tweets. In a single headline, word change produced a 46% improvement in clickthroughs


3) Use verbs.


People find verbs much more cognitively interesting than nouns. In fact, seeing or listening to a verb can signal your body’s motor system. So It’s no surprise, that using more verbs in your tweets is a powerful way to increase click-through rate.



4) Post fewer statistics.



But if you’re looking to improve click-through rate for your tweets, it would be better to choose something else to pull from the content you’re linking to. HubSpot found their tweets with statistics had lesser clicks per tweet than those non-stat-based tweets. But you want to try to see what your audience responds to.



5) Tweet on the weekend.



This depends on the audience, so try some experimentation. But I found that from hundreds of thousands of tweets. CTRS were at their highest on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.







6) Tweet in the afternoon.



The time you tweet on a given day makes a difference, too. I found that tweeting in the early afternoon, have the highest CTR. (Remember, experiment and see when your audience is most interactive, then Post at that time.



7) Use images.


The use of images in your tweet, you receive a higher click-through rate — as much as 18%.)




8) Space out your tweets.


If you tweet in spurts, your followers will think that you’re spamming them, so do not tweet all in one go, try to space them out. Tweets, spaced at intervals lead to higher CRTs, putting a space of about 40 minutes before and after the tweet for which your want high engagement. Scheduling your tweet ahead of time will make your life a lot easier.



9) Use hashtags.


Hashtags are a way to improve your online presence. Hashtags will help get more engagement and visibility, you’ll get more clicks on your tweets, don’t overdo putting hashtags in your post. So using Hashtags will get you double the engagement than using no hashtags. But by putting one or two hashtags in your tweets, they have a higher engagement than with a tweet with three or more.



10) Ask for action.


The call to action (CTA) is an indispensable part of all marketing. The same holds true for clickable tweets. What kind of action do you want your followers to take? Ask them to do something on the page where you’re directing them.


Here are some examples:


Grab your 15% coupon before time runs out!! example.com/couponecode


Sign up now to hear about our mind-blowing new product. Example.com/mindblowingnewproduct


It’s free! Download your copy today. Example/download now


Each of these sample tweets has a clear text CTA followed by a link. This structure makes it very obvious that you want the user to click on that link.



11) Don’t necessarily place the link at the end of the tweet.



Analysts of 200,000 links-containing tweets concluded if you put your link about 20% down you will achieve the highest CTR.



12) Talk about Twitter.


Twitter users want to hear more about Twitter. They already use the platform –and it follows they will be interested in tweets that have to do with that platform.
Researchers have found that tweets with a link to a blog post on your website with your offers about Twitter and any other social media topics these have shown 22% more clicks than on average clicks for a tweet during a certain amount of time. How can someone talk about Twitter if the topic has nothing to do with twitter?


You can Try using these below: 


Hey Twitter users….Best thing on Twitter all day…


You needed this in your Twitter feed…


Twitter is raving about…



13) Talk about and link to infographics.




Info images are a popular topic on Twitter. They are always looking for info images on Twitter, using the word “infographic” will give you more visibility when your tweet. Not only can infographics double blog traffic they can also multiply your clickthroughs on Twitter In a study, infographics received 832% more retweets than articles and 746% more clickthroughs. Tweet-info graphics.








14) Make sure your link work



Always make sure that your link works, because when your link doesn’t work this is worse than posting a really good tweet and find out that your link is not working. The most common link errors are not having put a space between the link. Always double-check then triple-check that your have put a space between your tweet copy and the link. By using these guidelines, you will be more confident you are doing the right thing and you should be getting more clicks from your tweets. Now, for your homework: Pick up a link to share, head over to Twitter, and create a clickable tweet!

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