20 Dumb Mistakes When you Write Your First E-book Part 1

By | July 19, 2018

Let’s start with the essentials, when you start writing your first E-Book, make sure the house/office is quiet. Now you have got rid of all distractions sit down put your coffee down by you. Remember you had the thought about writing an e-book, you have imagined what your E-book cover looks like with the main title and your name underneath.

Writing your first E-book will be a big step up for you as a writer, although writing a blog is a good way of expressing your ideas. Whereas when you write an e-book it is more substantial taken more seriously. It gives you more gravitas. Also, when you write that first E-book and see your own name on the front, this will catapult you from a mere blogger to an impressive Author.

So how can you be a good E-book author? well without being a victim of making the same mistakes which so many bloggers do.

There are 3 best reasons to start write your first E-book

1) If you write a really good E-book, this will be a powerful way for you to get SIGN-UPS, also a good incentive for new subscribers especially if your list is moving at a snails pace. The truth is readers do not like giving over their E-Mail addresses even if they love your content, you could offer them a free E-book/coupon just to give them a push to sign up. An e-book that has a lot of valuable content is a great incentive. You can offer some free information people will gladly pay for, you will then start to see your sign ups rate dramatically improve.

2) Writing a PREMIUM E-BOOK will put you on the road to great riches that’s because in the real world, you need a huge blog to make any real money from advertising.
However, instead of just earning pennies from ads, or you might still be undecided has to how to make money with your blog, knowing this you could make real money writing eBooks, and then you could transform your blog from a hobby into making real money.

3) AN AUTHORITATIVE E-BOOK will make you AN EXPERT IN YOUR FIELD and if you want to build a name for yourself in your field, writing an e-book will be a good way to boost your credibility and authority.

Why Most E-books Are Really Bad

Lots of people think when you start writing an E-Book, that it is relatively easy. Even bloggers think the same way, we will explore just how hard it can be. In some cases e-books that see the light of day are terrible and really bad. This is because an average e-book author has no idea of writing a book, also they won’t get any help, like Support. Whereas bestselling authors get help from their publisher.

Producing a quality e-book is as hard as publishing an ordinary book. But the basics are the same. But you will have to do that yourself. This is why you should avoid the mistakes that catch most first time writers out.

Planning Mistakes:

How to Doom Your E-book Before You Even Start Writing Before you start writing, a lot of people tend to make Serious mistakes. So do not make the same dumb mistakes or you will fall at the first hurdle if you don’t want to fall at the first hurdle.


When you decide to create a premium e-book, most people are tempted to pick a “hot topic” thinking this is were the money is. Likewise, when you have decided what your sign-up bonus is going to be, do not think you have to entice readers into reading the latest information about an emerging topic. And if you decide to publish on Amazon, you may think you have to target some of the most popular categories. But choosing a topic like this will be a big mistakes. Although if you know nothing about the topic you have chosen, writing your E-book is going to be an uphill struggle. You would have to do a ton of research, as well as interviewing a lot of experts, or you may have to use a real guru to help you get up to speed.

Here’s the cure

The first thing is to write about something you know about – this will mean tying your e-book into your blog’s core topic. You will not only save time on research, also you have a ready-made audience for your writing.


This happens to writers who think that their’s a topic that you know your readers need, and you think you can write a best-selling book that you reckon will help them.
It sounds good, however most people have no idea of what they need. Even though you sense you think you know what your readers need.

Here’s the cure

Never give your readers what you think they need, give them what you know they want. One way you can find out this, is run a survey, you can then ask your readers to choose between three or four E-book topics.

You could use this as a good opportunity to find out how much money they would pay, it’s also a good idea to ask them whether they have any specific questions they need answered.


You may think now you have done all the planning, now you have to decide what you’re going to write about and in what order you are going to write it in. When you decide to create an e-book, you will not just be a writer; you will also be a publisher and marketer. You will need to start thinking how you can sell your book, that means are you going to sell it or sell the concept to readers, doing this you will run into problem later on.

Here’s the cure

Draft your sales page while you’re planning your e-book. Make it sound as attractive and useful as possible (try Jon’s list of power words, and make the reader the hero of the story) … and use that pitch to drive the writing process. This will make your e-book much stronger, and will make your life much easier when you launch it.


Once you have the results of the survey you ran are in, don’t get tempted to start writing straight away. If you Jump straight into your writing at this point it is going to cause you really serious problems within a few days. You will begin repeating things, or you may start wasting your time exploring different avenues.

Here’s the cure

Have your plans ready before you start writing your E-book. This means you’ve a clear outline and at least you should know what the title for each chapter is going to be. You may think doing this is a waste of time, believe me this will make the writing stage a lot easier and more fun. This doesn’t mean opening a blank document and writing a few linear outline. Try brainstorming or some sort of mind map index cards may be an away of getting them ideas flowing. To help get your ideas flowing.


This being your first e-book, you may think by delivering a definitive e-book – that its the only one your readers will ever won’t. If you think this is a sound plan, you must ask yourself “What can you write for them next?” You may end up not just writing one e-book, but several in the same series, or you might have to write a short starter e-book for free, then write a more advanced one to sell. Even though your e-book could be destined to be your subscriber’s incentive, if you keep doing everything your readers won’t or need, why would they what to come back to your blog?

Here’s the cure

You will have to go back to your survey and think about what aspects your audience cares about the most, then you can focus on those. If you get lots of good ideas, great! You can keep these in a separate place and these can be the basis of your next e-book. Or you could explore them in a detailed blog post. If you inadvertently miss something crucial, you’ll find out when you ask for get feedback.

This is going to be a 3 part series about Dumb Mistakes writing a first e-book

Continue to part 2

2 thoughts on “20 Dumb Mistakes When you Write Your First E-book Part 1

  1. Remy

    Hi there John,
    I have been thinking about ebooks for a while now. I could see myself grabbing some of the content from my blog and formatting it into a ebook. Simple plan but now you have pointed out some of the mistakes I see I need to make a lot bigger effort than that.
    Can I ask a few questions?
    1. How do you add a survey to your blog. I have never been on a site where someone has done that before?
    2. How do you know what questions to ask?
    3. What sort of format is best for an ebook? I was thinking PDF but worried that it will just be pirated or copies and readers will never make their way back to my website.

    thanks in advance for answering.

    1. john bicknell Post author

      if you go to the plug-ins in word-press and type powr and click the first one that comes up it has alot of plug-in build in from surveys and even pay-pal if your selling as for the the best format to use i would stick with pdf as This is a very popular e-book format since software support for this format exists for a lot of devices i hope i have help you out and good luck ith your website and creating your ebooks


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