20 Dumb Mistakes When Writing Your First E-book Part 2






It could be the first chapter in your book, but the introduction is not the right place to start writing. You will find it hard to know where to begin until you have drafted the majority of the book, this will help, and it will stop you getting in trouble at this early stage. When you begin, if you start with the introduction, you will more often than not end up writing far more than you need to. And let’s be honest. No reader wants to read a long introduction – they would prefer to jump into your real content.



Here’s the cure



So don’t start with the introduction; the best place to start is with your first “proper” chapter. Now that you’ve drafted the rest of your book, doing this will help you know what you need to put into the introduction. Also, some people put their introduction material at the back of their book – also you could put a About the Author page at the back, then you can use this to point readers to your website, mailing list, and so on.






Your e-book is a big -priority project for you, but sometime you may find it hard to find the time for working on it regularly. But if you don’t write consistently, you will never build up the momentum. You will start writing for a few hours a day, and then you will end up taking weeks off … and then you will never finish your e-book.




Here’s the cure



There’s no need to write thousands of words at a time. Most author’s write a short chapter every week, and they do this on a regular basis, and authors this way can finish their e-book within a few months. What you need to do is to find a time each day, where you can work on your e-book. There are some things you could do, try writing, for 30 minutes, and then take a break for about 10 minutes this way you will be using your time more effectively. But if you know you are still having a problem with the way you are managing your time, you must solve this now; you’ll find it will pay off for many years to come.








Now if you’re writing regularly and staying focused but you feel you are making slow progress, this could be because you are trying to edit while you write. You will also find yourself typing a few paragraphs, and then you will change your mind and deleting them. You may also be stopping after every sentence to alter or make some minor tweaks. This will be a serious drain on your productivity as a writer.



Here’s the cure



Okay you may wont to change your mind and alter a whole paragraph or section, instead leave it in as it is, but make a note to remind you about it. Because you may find out when re-reading, that it works very well. You may find it can be helpful to use a full-screen no distraction text editor. You could use a program such as GRAMMY or like Dark Room for this purpose – it doesn’t have those distracting red and green wiggles that a typical word processor adds when it doesn’t like a word or phrase.










Now that you have been working on your e-book for weeks or even months, you could find that you haven’t made as much progress as you thought. This could be because you may have been ill or had a family bereavement and you’ve hit a brick wall. You may not have got halfway through your draft, and you may think their’s a long way to go. If you go through a bad patch like this, you will wont to give up – and cut your losses, and you will leave your e-book draft ship wrecked on your computer. You could be making a huge mistake. But this is often a sign that things are getting easier.



Here’s the cure



Try to reach the halfway point, then when you have reached halfway, your momentum will start to kick in, and you’ll begin to speed up as you come to the end. Always remember to remind yourself why you started your E-book and what was your motivation for starting the e-book in the first place: think what it will do for your blog? You’re probably thinking how can it help your readers – these are people who you’ve come to know and care about?



Editing Mistakes: How to Wreck a Good First Draft



Although you will not spend much time editing, as you did write it, at this point your E-book will really start to take shape. When you edit, you will see a difference because your book will go from just a simply “okay”book, to a book that has been well-polished, and it is a representation of you at your best. These mistakes will hold back your e-book and stop it from becoming the masterpiece it should to be.







As you know do not let your e-book stall after you have done the first draft, their is no hurry to rush into editing. Most Authors seem to rush into the editing phase then they struggle to get their perspective, and they may begin to feel burned out.





Here’s the cure



You may think this is silly but let your e-book “rest” for a few days or preferably a full week, then you can begin reviewing and editing. This will help you look at your work with fresh eyes and a better perspective you can also see what’s already good, and if their are any changes to be made, you see when you put a little distance, you begin to see your work from the perspective of a reader, not a writer.


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