Ashes to Ashes: By Paul Finch

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I will begin with a insight into the Authors life.


Paul Finch attended Goldsmiths in London to study History, afterwards he joined the Police Force in the North West of England. It was is passion for writing which made him leave the force to become a journalist, now he was a full time writer, he cut is teeth on penning Episodes of the TV Serial Drama ” THE BILL”, he has also written in the field of children’s animation, but he is best known for writing “Thrillers” and “Horrors”.
Is first novel was “STALKERS” which became the bestselling e-book in 2013 after that he wrote a sequel called it “SACRIFICE”. He has written numerous Thrillers and Horrors
Paul Finch lives in Lancashire, UK, with his wife Cathy and their two four legged companions, Buck and Buddy.




DS MARK “HECK” HECKENBURG is in charge of the Serious Crime unit.
Heck and his unit from the Serious Crimes Unit go on the hunt for one of the most remarkable, and boring men in London. John is a man, that no one would ever notice him. He has a gruesome side line were he hires himself out to torture and execution for those who can pay him the most money. Nobody can be sure how many he has killed.


Story in Brief


When something happens and the operation goes wrong, and one of is unit is killed, the perpetraitor goes on the run and head’s north. The unit recieve’s a tip off that he was seen in the town of Bradburn. The problem Heck has it will mean going home, to a town he had fell out of love with, along with his family twenty years before. When those that remember him, he will not be popular. But what Heck was not expecting was to walk into the middle of an underworld war, and someone is using a flamethrower to kill innocent people. It looks like a turf war between a young whippersnapper who is trying to take over from the Manchester kingpin Vic Ship with everything he could get is hands on. It is Heck who goes toe to toe with both sides and that may just backfire. To solve the case, he may have to endanger his life and that of his uncle, but at what price?


My Conclusion


Ashes to Ashes is a grisly, fearsome, and the plots come at you from every conceivable angle. Its a furious, and intensely violent encounter, but Heck is someone who relies on is gut instinct, backed up by a wing and a prayer. But make no mistake there is colossal damage to the area, people, vehicles and Heck’s career. The only thing that remains unscathed is his reputation for ignoring authority.


His next Heck novel, KISS OF DEATH is due out in August 2018.


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2 thoughts on “Ashes to Ashes: By Paul Finch

  1. Glenys

    Thank you for writing this review on Ashes to Ashes. I had not come across that book before. You mentioned the author went to the school “Goldsmiths”. Is that a good school? I am not for England.
    I can see how this gritty high crime action thriller would have gripped you. It seems like the detective is 100% committed to catching the bad guys at any cost. Sometimes it takes a maverick to arrest a maverick? I was just wondering what your favourite character was and why?

    1. john bicknell Post author

      yeah the goldsmith is a great school and as for my favorite character it has to be the detective for the commitment he puts in to his job and he all gets his man or woman which i can relate to as its like real by finding your goal and going after it to get the dream 


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