Audible Associates Program Review

By | May 29, 2018





Let me explain the benefits of becoming an Audiobook member.


1.     Members get Engaging stories with great savings.
2.     You will also receive 1 credit a month, which is good for any
title regardless of how long it is or price it is.
3.      You also will get one Audiobook Every Month.
4.      Members, get unlimited listening to original, short audio

5.      Get up to 60% off some audiobooks with member-only deals.
6.      Exceptional service, with complete flexibility.
7.      You can also Roll over your credits if you are undecided
which Audible book you want next. Being a member you can
keep your credits to the next month.

As you can see here, I have saved the best to last:

You will receive a 30 Day Free Trial, then after the 30 Day, it will be £7.99/month.



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10 thoughts on “Audible Associates Program Review

  1. Melissa

    Is it possible to listen to more than one book at a time from separate devices? Can I listen to a book at home while my husband is listening to a different book in the car? Or would I need to have separate accounts?

    1. john bicknell Post author

      with the membership, you take out you will be able to choose any audiobook on that account so you need the one account

  2. Jyoti

    Thank you for sharing the insight John. Very useful. 60 percent discount sounds too good!

  3. Mick

    I love reading autobiographies and there is just something about holding a book and just reading from it, and therefore audio books are something I have not considered and to be honest never thought about.

    Something I will consider though.

  4. nabil

    thank you John for this great article, full of good value information.

    1. admin

      thanks for those comments, and good luck with your venture.

  5. Emmanuel Buysse

    Thanks for sharing this, it is a huge discount (60 percent is a lot).
    I will certainly take a look at this!

    1. admin

      thanks for your comment, click on the link and go straight to it. thanks again


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