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The Ritual: Now A Major Film

Introduction Adam nevill is a prolific writer, and has written many Horror Novels, he is known has the Horror King, and has also won many Book Awards. The book i have decided to Review is ” THE RITUAL”. And i will add some more titles from this Author, with a Brief insight of the story.… Read More »

Wonderfully Wicked BY COLEEN BURRIGHT

  Wonderfully Wicked: (New Adult Paranormal Romance)     The Dreamcaster Series (3 Book Series)   click here    ABOUT AUTHOR: C. J. Burright   C.J Burright is a native Oregonian and refuses to leave. A member of Romance Writers of America and the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal special interest chapter, while she has worked… Read More »

Ashes to Ashes: By Paul Finch

Review:                     I will begin with a insight into the Authors life.   Paul Finch attended Goldsmiths in London to study History, afterwards he joined the Police Force in the North West of England. It was is passion for writing which made him leave the force… Read More »

14 Ways to Increase Click through Rate

                          1) Use clear language.   Remember, followers, are likely scrolling through their feeds and scanning tweets very quickly. To catch their attention, be as clear as possible by choosing simple, easily scannable language.   2) Use the article title or headline.  … Read More »