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Cal and Demi are preparing to launch their business the Kilhallon Resort as a wedding venue. Cakes had been baking, the smell of Cornish flowers blooming, and fairy lights are twinkling like a star. With the cliff-top setting, the coastal views were stunning, it was the perfect place for a magical marriage ceremony.
But their first clients were no ordinary couple. The bride and groom were internationally famous actors Lily Craig and Ben Trevone. And Kilhallon was about to host a celebrity wedding . . . With the pressure on, Demi and Cal were doing all they could to keep their guests amused and stop any wedding disasters. But what about the unpredictable weather which was the only thing standing in the way of the Big Day?
Then secrets began to surface and truths began to be told, could Demi and Cal ensure that Kilgallon’s first wedding is a success? One thing’s for sure, this will be a Cornish celebration to remember . . . Warm and funny and feel-good. The best sort of holiday read. Katie Filled with warmth and likable characters. Great fun.


About the Author:


She was studying English at Oxford, then she began to work as a copywriter and journalist. Her first novel was Decent Exposure, which won the RNA New Writers Award and then it was made into a tv movie called 12 Men of Christmas starring Kristin Chenoweth and Josh Hopkins. As Pippa Croft, she wrote another series she called the Oxford Blue series – The First Time We Met, The Second Time I Saw You and Third Time Lucky.
Phillipa now lives in a village in Staffordshire and her husband works as an Engineer she as a scientist daughter who indulges her arty whims. Now she is running a holiday-let business in the Lake District, but the biggest part of her heart belongs to Cornwall.
She visits Cornwall several times a year for, as she calls it ‘research purposes’, it’s an arduous task that involves sampling cream teas, then she likes swimming in wild Cornish coves and then following actors around film shoots in a camper van. Her hobbies include watching Poldark, Earl Grey tea, Prosecco-tasting and falling off a surfboard right in front of RNLI lifeguards.




Phillipa Ashley is also the author of Amazon’s Bookseller Heatseekers, then best-selling Cornish Cafe series. But before she became a writer full-time she studied English at Oxford and was a copywriter and journalist. Then using an alias Pippa Croft, Phillipa wrote the Oxford Blue series which was published by Penguin Books.
She lives in a Staffordshire village with her husband and has a grown-up daughter. When she’s not writing, she loves falling off surfboards and following Poldark around in a camper van.


What Readers Say:


An utterly glorious, escapist read from one of the freshest voices to emerge in women’s fiction today. I loved every gorgeous page.


I read the first two books in the series and loved them, so was very glad to see the third in the series. It did not disappoint – the same characters that I fell in love with were back again and the story was engaging.


I am hoping this is not the last we have seen of them, I’m not ready to say goodbye!


I’ve absolutely loved the Cornish cafe series.I’ve loved all the characters and I especially love that its set in gorgeous Cornwall.
I’m really looking forward to Phillipa’s new books