Covent Garden in the Snow

By | September 9, 2018


A selection of books from the Author Jules Wake. But the book i have chosen to review is “Covent Garden in the snow” ‘A delicious Christmas delight’ – bestseller


The perfect Christmas romance for fans of Karen Swan.




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Covent Garden In The Snow


 About the Author

Jules Wake’s earliest known declaration that she planned to become a writer, came at the age of ten.

But along the way she got diverted by the glamorous world of PR and she had worked on many well known luxury brands, part of her job was taking journalists on press trips to awful places such as Turin, Milan, Geneva, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam and sometimes she had lost the odd member of the press in an airport. It gave her the chance to eat great food, drink. Free alcohol had helped her to develop her writing skills on press releases and to research European cities for her books.

Then eventually voices in her head told it was time for her to take things easy, and sit down and write the book she’d always talked about. The first book, Talk to Me was in 2014, and it was quickly followed by the bestselling From Italy With Love, this was published by HarperImpulse which had reached the top ten in the Amazon Kindle charts. This was followed by From Paris With Love This Christmas and just recently, the best-selling Escape to the Riviera this was published by Avon in June last year.

Jules’ current offering Christmas at Covent Garden is another Kindle Top 3 bestseller. She also writes cosy romantic novels under a alias called Julie Caplin and her next book, continues with her Romantic Getaway series, The Little Cafe in Copenhagen, and was released in February 2018.


The Story


Tilly Hunter has some great friends, her dream job as a make-up artist with a prestigious opera company and Felix, her kind and caring husband to be. It looks set to be the most perfect Christmas yet!

But when a monumental blunder forces her to work closely with new IT director Marcus Walker, it’s not only the roast chestnut stalls on the cobbles of her beloved Covent Garden that cause sparks to fly…

Super serious and brooding, Marcus hasn’t got a creative bone in his sharp-suited body. For technophobe Tilly, it’s a match made in hell.

And yet, when Tilly discovers her fiancé isn’t at all what he seems, it’s Marcus who’s there for her with a hot chocolate and a surprisingly strong shoulder to cry on … He might just be the best Christmas present she’s ever had.

Covent Garden in the Snow reached the Kindle Top 2 bestseller list and her latest book A Girl’s Best Friend will be published by Sphere this month September. She also writes cosy romantic fiction as Julie Caplin and her next book in the Romantic Getaway’s series, The Little Paris Patisserie, will be published by HarperImpulse in September.

‘This epic road-trip is full of glamour, romance and sizzling sexual tension, but at its heart is a truly heart-warming tale of self discovery – you’ll not want to miss a moment of it.

‘I completely and utterly enjoyed this book.

‘A unique and vibrant read about learning to be the ‘driver’ of your own future.

‘Buy this book, put up a do not disturb sign and enjoy indulging in every page – you won’t be disappointed!


Other’s Opinion


Covent Garden in the Snow is marketed as a feel good Christmas novel, obviously hoping to do well in the Christmas market. However, I think this is misleading, Christmas only makes a small appearance, mainly towards the end of the book. Even the snow is a bit misleading, yes there is snow in Covent Garden but again its not integral to the plot. For me this books could be read at anytime of the year, as it has a much wider plot line. The narrative follows Tilly as she seems to fall from one problem into another, from computer viruses to problems with emotional opera stars and personal issues. All of this dealt with in a warm and witty prose that will engage the reader.

Tilly is a very endearing character, she is quirky, sassy, artistic, kind and has a love for life. I did resonate with her technology problems as I am a terrible technophobe and have to admit that I have once or maybe twice used the disc drive as a coffee holder. Marcus is her complete opposite but over time, in his relationship with Tilly, a different side to him comes out. He is not so straight laced and business like, and they share similar interests. Of course he is also tall dark and handsome, as you would expect from a romantic hero. I also found Tilly’s sister Christelle an interesting character.

Like Marcus she comes across as the complete opposite to her sister; she is a lawyer, and to Tilly is someone a lot more serious than her and they have little in common. Over the course of the novel it is lovely to see the interactions of the sisters and their closeness as they realise that they really don’t know each other that well.

Tilly is one of those people that like to bury their head in the sand rather than deal with problems head on which has damages her relationship with her family and with Felix, the fiance who lets her down in every way.

Covent Garden in the Snow is a wonderful, warm and witty novel that is not just for Christmas. It has memorable characters, and sizzles with sexual tension throughout; the perfect book to loose yourself in.


From Italy With Love: Such a Summery Escape You Won’t Need a Holiday!


From Italy With Love

This epic road-trip is full of glamour, romance and sizzling sexual tension, but at its heart is a truly heart-warming tale of self discovery – you’ll not want to miss a moment of it.

Home-loving Laurie thinks she’s happy – she has a safe, reliable boyfriend and working in her local library is what she thought she always wanted. That is until she inherits a vintage Ferrari from her eccentric Uncle Miles and the conditions of the inheritance are far from simple. To keep the car Laurie will have to drive across Europe with the gorgeous but unreliable Cameron Matthews as her guide… and Cam’s motives for helping are not all that altruistic.

Cam isn’t particularly thrilled about escorting his late pal Miles’ dull mouse of a niece on this wild goose chase but all he has to do is get Laurie safely to Italy and he’s sure the Ferrari is his. But Uncle Miles had a few tricks up his sleeve and the route he’s planned takes Cam and Laurie on a road trip they’ll never forget.

From sampling the delights of the Loire Valley to the breathtaking beauty of Lake Garda, this is one journey that has more twists and turns than either of them could ever have imagined…

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A Girl’s Best Friend: A feel-good countryside escape to warm your heart:

A Girls Best Friend

Welcome to your new cottage in the country – complete with grumpy vet, village gossip and a very muddy dog . . .

City girl Ella wants to take refuge in the country, lick her wounds and work out what she’s going to do with the rest of her life. She certainly doesn’t want to have a four-legged house guest or anything to do with village life. Unfortunately, the inhabitants of Wilsgrave have other ideas.

Settling in to her godmother’s house for a few months of R&R, Ella finds herself the reluctant babysitter of a badly behaved Labrador – and her plans of staying mainly indoors scuppered. But as she’s forced into wellies and into the village’s way of doing things, Ella meets people who make her think again about what she really wants out of life and love, starting with her new furry best friend . . .

A gorgeously romantic tale set in an idyllic countryside village, from the author of ebook bestseller Covent Garden in the Snow. Perfect for fans of Trisha Ashley and Katie Fforde.


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From Paris With Love This Christmas

From Paris With Love

The gorgeous, Christmassy feel-good follow up to the Summer best-seller ‘From Italy With Love’.

Just until Christmas…

That’s what Paris socialite Siena keeps telling herself. She’ll hide away in her sister Laurie’s cottage near London to escape her hot-tempered fiancé.

However, when Jason – gorgeous but a bit of a Grinch – picks her up from the airport, he reveals that Laurie hasn’t lived there for months, complicating Siena’s holiday getaway.

At first, Jason and Siena don’t see eye to eye. But after a weekend in the most romantic city in the world, experiencing all it has to offer – from the magic of a fir-lined Champs-Élysées, lit up by thousands of sparkling fairy lights, to the swoosh of skates on ice at the Eiffel Tower – Siena shows Jason her Paris, and a whole other side to herself. Suddenly Siena’s December deadline seems far too close…

This Christmas, jet off to Paris with Siena and Jason and experience the magic of the holiday season.

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What people say

Great book. Your description of the days in Paris was so detailed I could almost imagine myself back there. Wonderful

I thought that this would be a predictable story but it isn’t. The characters of Siena and Jason have fantastic back stories and the ending is a lovely one.

Not very often you can find no faults at all in a book. I liked the characters. I liked the flow of the story and the writing style



Escape to the Riviera: The perfect summer romance!

Escape To The Riviera


Lose yourself in the south of France this summer in this fabulously feel-good beach read!

Carrie Hayes has a job she enjoys and a perfectly nice boyfriend. She’s sorted. Isn’t she?

But Carrie’s life wasn’t always like this. As a young, wild drama student, she married fellow
Richard Maddox, after a whirlwind romance. Life back then was full of possibilities, but
when Hollywood beckoned Richard, Carrie was left behind.

Now an A-list superstar, Richard’s life couldn’t be more different to Carrie’s, so when their
paths cross in glamorous St Tropez, she can’t help but wonder what might have been.

But with lovely, sensible Alan in tow, Carrie knows she needs to do the right thing.
The only problem is, Carrie and Richard never quite got round to getting a divorce…

Lose yourself this summer on the French Riviera, the perfect read for fans of Lucy Diamond
and Jane Costello.

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Talk to Me

Olivia and Daniel certainly aren’t talking the language of love …


Olivia has been in love with Daniel forever but, despite her best efforts, they’ve never been able to get it together. Their relationship has always been a series of mixed messages and misunderstandings and the final straw comes when Daniel mysteriously starts dating her flatmate, Emily. Hurt and confused, Olivia resolves to forget her heartache with a spot of speed dating. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

One crazy stalker later and Olivia’s life is becoming increasingly strange and scary. Can she rely on Daniel to step in when events take a terrifying turn or will their communication breakdown ultimately result in tragedy?

‘Charming…romance, wit and a fabulous “all is lost” moment’ Sue Moorcroft, bestselling author of The Christmas Promise.

From Rome with Love: Escape the winter blues with the perfect feel- good romance!

From Rome With Love

Rome is the city of love and seduction, right? Not if you find yourself staying in a beautiful apartment with your childhood-friend-turned-arch-enemy, Will Ryan…no matter how hot he is!

Romance is the last thing on Lisa’s mind. She’s got more important things to focus on, like hunting down her estranged father. Except when her search falls at the first hurdle, Will doesn’t just help her get back on track, he also shares the romantic sights – and exquisite tastes – of the Eternal City, and Lisa starts to wonder if it’s not just Rome seducing her.

Only, as Lisa and Will dig into the past, neither of them is prepared for the long-buried secrets they reveal. Secrets that will turn both their world’s upside down …

‘A perfect mix of Italian food, the city of Rome, romance, hidden family secrets, friendship and fabulous descriptive storytelling’.

Buy Now



9 thoughts on “Covent Garden in the Snow

  1. Alex

    From Paris with Love sounds like an interesting book. Who knows where the plot will go? It sounds like a dynamic book. I love romance novels. I imagine Paris is quite stunning after a good snow. The white powder must dampen all the sound.

    I do have a question though. What have others been saying about “From Paris with Love?” I always like to hear what others think before I buy a book.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    1. john bicknell

      Thanks for the comment, see below I have added some of the opinions people are saying about “From Paris with Love This Christmas”.


      Great book. Your description of the days in Paris was so detailed I could almost imagine myself back there. Wonderful


      I thought that this would be a predictable story but it isn’t. The characters of Sirena and Jason have fantastic back stories and the ending is a lovely one.


      Not very often you can find no faults at all in a book. I liked the characters. I liked the flow of the story and the writing style.

  2. Russell

    Hi thanks for the review of the book. I’m already thinking about Christmas gifts and was wondering if ‘covent garden in the snow’ going to appeal to women of all ages? I’m just thinking is it more of a book for mums or sisters? Is it written to appeal to women of all ages?

    1. john bicknell

      Thanks for your comment. This Book has been written with Women in mind, and is for anyone who like Romance stories, and every Woman likes a good Romance.   

  3. David

    Fantastic article. As I was reading your article I felt as if I was a part of the story. I wanted more to read but now I know I just have to have the book,I want to know what happens to Tilly On her Journey. It sounds like a book also when you think you found true love here comes someone to sweep you off your feet. I truly enjoyed reading your review and you should consider writing a book very well written article.
    Thank you,

  4. Shannon

    I haven’t read many romance novels, but having read this review I may have to add this one to my list.  I love the idea that the guy that the main character is interested in is not what she thinks he will be like.  That makes for a very intriguing tale and I really look forward to seeing what happens.

  5. Paul

    Thanks for the review on the book “Covent Garden in the snow”.

    After reading your review I am more interested in reading the book and its on my  “To Read” list.

    Indeed, being the own driver of our life is very important (at least we won’t be criticizing others when things goes wrong Lol) and once I read… Don’t put your key to happiness in someone else’s pocket.

    After reading about the author and your comment section it seems Jules Wake is a great author.

    Thanks for the other Jules Wake books and giving a small hint about the book helps a lot to decide which one to buy first very helpful.

    Much Success!

    Your Friend,


  6. David

    Hi I am already searching for Christmas gifts (getting in early this year).  My partner loves reading and is a sucker for a good romance.  She is 42, and I am just wondering if this book is aimed at certain ages.  I also noticed you said it could be read at any time of the year which is great.  Although I am hoping to include this in her Christmas stocking 🙂

  7. Lucas

    Hi and thnks for sharing such an interesting novel. Personally i’m not a fan of romance novels, you those lovey dovey ones but this seems different. Tilly seems to have some drama in her life with Marcus and such so I just might give this novel a shot ! Hope to see more great recommendations from you soon !


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