how to Buy and Sell your e-book on E-Bay



In this guide, I will explain just how you can buy and sell your ebooks on E-Bay.


How can I sell eBooks on eBay? What is the right way to sell an eBook on eBay? Is it still allowed? Can sell E-Books on eBay be a profitable business idea? I’ll try to answer all these questions if I can in detail.


So, let’s start with – Can you sell eBooks on eBay? the answer to that question is yes so long as you follow their rules.
With eBooks,


there are different rules for and websites: On (USA website), You can download and deliver them digitally, but you must follow their rules:


1. You can list in the category, Everything Else > Information Products category using a Classified Ad format.


2. What you may or not know is, using a classified ad format on won’t get as many views as a usual listing, the sale won’t take place on eBay and you won’t earn any feedback.


3. However, list your item in a more suitable category and use auctions, or buy now.


On (UK site), there is no classified ads format at all which for me is a bad idea, however, you can sell your eBooks there so long as you can burn your eBook onto a CD or DVD or USB stick and then post it out, sum up, you what to get the most traffic, you need to turn your eBook into a physical format and then send it out. This ruins the whole idea of selling your eBook (electronic book) in the first place, right? Yes and no.


It depends what you’re selling, because if the information you have provided, is valuable people will buy it and it would be effective for you to produce CDs and ship them out. If not, people will not buy from you.


The days you could buy a random PLR (private label rights) eBooks and then sell them on eBay easily are over. Customers are simply not looking for such a low-quality product on eBay. You may be lucky to make a few sales worth a few quid, then when E-Bay take out their Shipping fees you’ll be left with minimal and next to no profit at all
Go to E-Bay and do a search for E-Books you will see that the sellers struggle to sell them, although the prices are as low as £0.99 or £1.99. They just don’t sell.
Although it means that E-Bay info products aren’t selling on eBay at all! they look mainly on the sellers.
Numbers look good, right?


Yes, E-Bay sells video courses, DVDs, and very valuable manuals, they don’t want cheap eBooks about “how to repair your credit rating”, however Multimedia courses seem to sell better on E-Bay, but if you know how to make your own products, that’s even better! I’m thinking like some of the things below:
Learning software (Photoshop, Excel, Camtasia etc.)
Learning musical instruments (Piano, Keyboard, Guitar etc.)
Repair Manuals (cars, equipment, tools etc.)

Dancing Lessons

Dog Training

DIY Tutorials

Fitness programs

And soon! So as you can see E-Bay isn’t the best place to put your E-Books on.