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(DI Fawley Thriller, Book 2)                                     (by Cara Hunter (Author)




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I’m lucky enough to live in the city I write about. Oxford will be familiar to crime fans across the whole world because of the fabulous Morse novels and TV, but my version of the town is a long way from the beautiful ivy-clad colleges. A much edgier place where the crimes are darker and closer to home.


I’ve always been a voracious reader and viewer of crime – I’ve learned so much from the outstanding writing that we now see on crime TV like Line of Duty or Broadchurch, and I’ve tried to recreate the experience of watching series like that for my readers. I love true crime TV as well – my husband used to tease me about it but now just nods sagely and says ‘research’ !


What else about me? I have pet cats who do their best to distract me whenever I get close to a keyboard (if you have cats, you’ll know), I love travelling, spending time with friends, and I have never knowingly turned down a glass of champagne….

But she doesn’t bother with Love Island – the programmes she selects to help her relax are true crime documentaries.


“My husband Simon comes in, sees what I’m watching and says ‘this must be for research,” said Ms Hunter, who lives in Oxford and is looking forward to her second novel, In the Dark, being published.


From the author of the massive bestseller CLOSE TO HOME, comes the second pulse-pounding DI Fawley crime thriller.










Little Snippet


A woman and child are found locked in a basement room, barely alive.


No one knows who they are – the woman can’t speak, and there are no missing persons reports that match their profile. The elderly man who owns the house claims he has never seen them before.


The inhabitants of the quiet Oxford street are in shock. How could this happen right under their noses? But DI Adam Fawley knows that nothing is impossible. And that no one is as innocent as they seem . . .




The inhabitants of the quiet Oxford street are in shock. How could this happen right under their noses? But DI Adam Fawley knows that nothing is impossible.



‘Cancel everything. You’re not going anywhere until you finish reading In The Dark’ EMILY KOCH


‘A classy, agile, fresh, unpredictable and utterly compelling gift of a book: hats off!’ NICCI FRENCH


‘Cara Hunter is the new queen of the cliffhanger: fans of Close To Home are not going to be disappointed’ JOHN MARRS


‘A real gripper of a read’ PETER JAMES


‘One of the best crime thrillers I have ever read’ KATHRYN CROFT


‘In the Dark kept me up into the late hours. Clever and wonderfully complex!’ JANE CORRY

‘Cara Hunter is a brilliant plotter, but it’s her masterfully drawn characters that really make her novels stand out.

What others say


I would highly recommend this book to people who enjoy a well written detective novel which focuses on the narrative and does not try to out gore or over sensationalise the subject matter.


I liked very much how the story emerged and developed, what seemed obvious turned out not to be. The many twists were subtle and slow to emerge – I certainly was not accurate in my predictions and, as with previous book in the series, I did not anticipate the epilogue. A clever and tantalising way to end.


I found the main police characters believable and interesting, particularly DI Adam Fawley. Enjoyed the gentle weaving into his personal life and back story which added to but did not take over from the main narrative thread. I was also somewhat relieved that no corrupt and manipulating senior officer emerged which appears to a trend in this genre and takes away from the focus on the crime and investigation.


As with the first in the series I thought the switching between narrative and formal statements, media reports and social media comments well done and distinctive.

I very much look forward to book 3. ‘Your next riveting, twisty read!’ SHARI LAPENA


The second book in the Series featuring the detective DI Fawley, you can see my review of Cara Hunter first Book “Close to Home” If you have already read this one, you have to read “In The Dark” It’s got lot’s of twists, with a plot that will make your teeth chatter and knees to shake and at the end you will never see what’s coming. This in my opinion is on a par of her first book. I very much look forward to book 3. ‘Your next riveting, twisty read! “SHARI LAPENA” You can see from this article, her weekly ranking.


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