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  • I got my Kindle Paperwhite as a present from my children, the first Kindle I had, I dropped it and it broke, oh well R.I.P! The NEW Kindle I now own, is the latest version. The touchscreen is great and really easy to use. The backlight is perfect for reading in low light. I actually like to use mine at bedtime also it has covers and accessories look at the accessories for the kindles.

  • Unsurpassed high-resolution 300 PPI display that reads like printed paper. Unlike tablets, no screen glare, even in bright sunlight
  • Thin and light design with built-in adjustable light – read day and night
  • Single battery charge lasts weeks, not hours
  • Indulge your love of reading without e-mail alerts or push notifications
  • Massive selection, low prices-over 5.5 million books including latest bestsellers, Kindle exclusives and more
  • Prime members read for free with unlimited access to a rotating selection of
  • more than a thousand titles.



what more can I say about the kindle paperwhite other than  to see the reviews

So check out my review click here to get yours.


8 thoughts on “kindle paper white

  1. Kashia

    This looks like an awesome product for readers whether they read a lot or just once in a while.

    I use the kindle app on my 6th generation iPad and I find the navigation and search menus very incompetent.

    I’m not sure if it’s because the kindle app isn’t designed to be optimized with a regular iPad, or just because I’m picky about how I want to get to things in one or two clicks without having to do it in five or six.

    What do you think about navigating the Paperwhite? Is it easy and fast to go through things and get to where you want?

    1. admin

      its fairly easy to navigate to whatever you need and the touch screen features the Page Flip which enables you to move quickly through a book and return to your original location hope this helps 

  2. John

    Oh well I am just growing into being a constant reader ,but I guess this product works whether you read daily or not. I am new to the product and I think I need to know more about it at least before setting my hands on it. Thanks for the article

    1. john bicknell Post author

      thanks for taking the time to review the article the link at the bottom takes you to my review of the kindle paper white thanks anyway  

    1. admin

      thanks for the comment, if there’s anything I can do don’t hesitate to get in touch

  3. Christie

    Hi John,
    I came back to your site to see if I could get through, once again I typed in your URL and this time, Voila! There was your website it went through without any problem…
    I enjoyed reading through the material you have here… the way the material just pops up at you when you first land on a page is very interesting…it sort of pulls you in and grabs your attention so as to alert you that you are now on a new page, ingenious effect for the mind and eyes!
    I absolutely agree with you that “E-Readers are going to be around for a long time into the future, and the technology in these E-Readers are way ahead of anything [I] have ever seen.”
    The convenience of these readers are definitely going to increase the availability of these materials and make reading and learning more enjoyable and readily available! Thanks for this site, enjoyed reading and learning! Keep up the good work!


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