Stealing Power A gripping crime thriller by Bo Brennan

By | August 30, 2018



Bo Brennan has lived and worked in various locations. None were exotic.
Bo’s currently working on special operations for international law enforcement.
Favourite pastimes include reading, writing, and eating. Unfortunately, the three combined do nothing for the waistline so moving about occasionally is a must. So is disappearing quickly.

Bo’s debut novel, STEALING POWER, is the first in a series of chilling crime thrillers featuring British Detectives India Kane and AJ Colt.


Book 1

Stealing women’s power is easy … restoring it is deadly.

Detective Chief Inspector AJ Colt lives his life in the limelight. The charismatic star of New Scotland Yard is public relations gold. Everyone loves him. Well, almost everyone. For three years a vicious serial rapist has been taunting and tormenting him, sending him recordings of every sickening crime he commits. But with no DNA from the devastated victims the trail is stone cold dead, until a familiar landmark leads Colt back to his hometown – the last place on earth he wants to be.

It’s also the last place on earth Detective India Kane wants him. The obsessively private local keeps her head down, works hard, and doesn’t bother anybody. She likes life that way. When people bother her, things have a tendency to get messy. She’s just landed a career changing case – a brutal drug-facilitated rape investigation – and doesn’t take kindly to the arrogant newcomer parachuted in to snatch it from her. The hunt is on. But Colt and Kane’s twisted prey is just warming up. As he escalates, so does his power. And he won’t stop until he’s stolen it all … even if it means bringing his own brand of terror directly to those who hunt him.

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When their lives collide – it won’t just be the victims’ worlds that are torn apart.

Stealing Power is the first in a series of gripping psychological crime thrillers featuring British Detectives India Kane and AJ Colt. Perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Robert Bryndza, Caroline Mitchell, Carol Wyer and Patricia Gibney.


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         Book 2

With children, who can you really trust?

When inner city school teacher Terri Davies’ star pupil is left home alone, she’s reluctant to alert the authorities and the messy bureaucratic nightmare it entails. Instead she turns to her sister, Detective India Kane, to quietly locate the pregnant single mother.

It doesn’t take long – India finds her sectioned in a psychiatric hospital, making wild claims her newborn was stolen by a leading paediatrician. With no record of a baby ever being born, are her claims the ramblings of a mentally disturbed mind, or, does the baby really exist, as Terri insists? And if he does, where is he? Under pressure from her sister with reminders of her own haunted past, India sets out to find the truth.


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As head of the Met’s Paedophile Unit, Detective Chief Inspector AJ Colt has seen it all. But even he isn’t prepared for what his team encounters during a raid on a Hollywood heart-throb’s London home. With an elite predatory paedophile ring at large, the last thing he needs is for vulnerable young girls to start disappearing from the care of Social Services.

When the same names start cropping up in both police investigations – Kane and Colt’s cases become entwined, plunging them deep into the secretive world of the Family Court system . . . an institution whose secrets some will kill to keep.

A dark and disturbing crime thriller with compelling real-life themes, Baby Snatchers is perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Robert Bryndza, Patricia Gibney, Carol Wyer, and Karin Slaughter.


Book 3

The Wages of Sin:

Wages of Sin: An absolutely gripping crime thriller with a killer twist (Detectives Kane and Colt Crime Thriller Series Book 3) eBook: Bo Brennan: Kindle Store. …

The truth was dead and buried, she was dead and buried, until now …

For overworked firefighter Gray Davies, an emergency call-out to the scene of a horrific hit-and-run is all in a day’s work . . . until the terrified victim disappears, leaving her blood on his hands and unanswered questions on his lips.

For Detective India Kane it’s an added complication in a far more sinister crime – a series of brutal murders the missing hit-and-run victim could hold the key to solving. With a genitally mutilated corpse on her patch, and the dead woman’s identity shrouded in secrecy, India’s set on a collision course with a deadly, unknown enemy.


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Detective Chief Inspector AJ Colt is well acquainted with the enemy – courtesy of a divisive high-profile grooming case, he’s currently public enemy number one. As cultures clash, simmering tensions explode, bringing terror and bloodshed to the streets, and Colt into the sights of some of the country’s most dangerous and deranged individuals.


When one of them brings their work home, nothing will ever be the same again – for the wages of sin . . . is death.


A gripping crime thriller with a heart-stopping twist, The Wages of Sin is perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Robert Bryndza, Caroline Mitchell, Carol Wyer and Patricia Gibney.


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